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Tidal Tools

Discover and Analyze Your Applications

Tidal Tools is your Swiss Army knife for agentless application discovery and assessments.

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CLI companion to Accelerator

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Tidal Analyze

Analyze Applications

Rapidly capture what technologies are in use, on which networks and with what DNS configuration.

tidal analyze will fingerprint the technology on both your internet sites and intranet applications behind your firewall in seconds, without needing to install agents. Whether you have 1, or 1 million end points, Tidal Tools will centralize the data gathered in our platform for you to analyze.

Simplify your application centric discovery.

Tidal Analyze

Discovery Plan

Across Complex Networks

Your enterprise likely has multiple n-tier environments, by design or through acquisitions. Tidal's Discovery Plan feature was designed with this in mind. Define each of your networks in a YAML block and let Tidal Tools analyze each one independently.

If you have our DNS Tools installed, supply your zone files, path to BIND configuration, or AWS Route53 credentials and you can analyze every web application on your network.

$ cat discovery_plan.yml
tidal tools
  - name: NYC Datacenter front-ends
    path_to_bind: "/etc/bind/named.conf"
      - 80
      - 443
  - name: Tokyo flat-network
    path_to_zone_files: "~/tokyo-zones/*/**"
      - 80
      - 443
      - 8080
      - 8443
$ tidal analyze discovery_plan.yml --upload

Tidal Sync Servers

Sync Your Inventories

Bringing in your server inventory is a one-liner.

tidal sync servers supports VMWare, HyperV, Active Directory connected inventory and more.

Our customers sync their inventories daily, allowing savings to be measured throughout their migration initiatives.

$ tidal sync vsphere
tidal tools
Loading data...
Transforming data...
Validating JSON...
Logging into server at https://demo.tidalmg.com
as user@domain.com
Logged in.
Updating via API...
Update successful

Consistent JSON

Extend and Customize

Like your developers, we speak JSON. Whether you're writing custom processes on top of our discoveries, or extending our discovered data with your own in-house inventories, you will find our tools output consistent JSON.

Our API is fully documented making integrations a breeze.

   "https://mississauga.ca": [
     "categories" : [
     "name": "Oracle Commerce"
     "categories": [
        "JavaScript Frameworks"
     "name": "jQuery"
     "categories": [
        "DNS A"
     "name": ""
     "details": "AS603 Bell Canada"

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