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Provide your teams with quick, estimate cost data reconciled with your objectives. Learn how much you can save with your custom cloud migration strategy.

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Tidal Calculator
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Tidal Calculator

Review Objectives

Transformation starts with a business case

Go Digital

Journey to the Cloud

You want to improve agility and align your IT infrastructure more closely with business value. But how do you build your business case?


Cost Projections

Large scale cost projections are challenging to configure. You need a way to support urgent business missions, and planned waves.

Tidal Calculator

Build Your Business Case

Calculator is the first part of the Tidal family, giving you cost projections for a layered data centric approach, to agile, on-budget cloud migrations.

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Tidal for Microsoft Azure Tidal for Amazon Web Services Tidal for Google Cloud


Built in Seconds

Instantly see what your infrastructure could look like in the cloud. It's as easy as selecting your Region, and Currency - and clicking Calculate.

Your business case is built in seconds.

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Migration Strategy

Tidal's common instance system enables collaboration across teams to review options for Rehost, Optimized and Transformative migrations.

Calculations are transparent - review the calculations on a server-by-server basis, or explore by application and see just how much your migration stands to save you.

Plan successfully from day one.


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