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2019 In Review

Looking back on the rise of serverless and transformative cloud migrations.

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2019 In Review

2019 In Review

Looking back on 2019 today, I couldn’t be prouder of all the accomplishments the team at Tidal has made over just 12-short months! In the face of ever-changing cloud technology it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all, but the sensation we felt was one of validation and excitement.

To kick off the observations, the prediction of 2019 being the year of serverless seems to have rung true, and with it the term PaaS has turned passé. The enterprise has adopted AWS Lambda for core-business application workloads, and other edge platforms have focused on developer productivity and ease of deployment such as CloudFlare Workers and Zeit.

Looking inwards, the team here really pushed hard to meet the increasing needs of our customers with new features and additional functionality. The following stood out, but there was of course much more:

  • Oracle database analysis, providing teams with a self-service migration difficulty assessment that’s unlocked many Oracle to cloud migrations already.
  • Source Code analysis, highlighting security vulnerabilities in applications before migrating them, leading to a safer cloud migration.
  • Portfolio assessment reports, providing stakeholders with analysis progress reports and a recommended migration order in just one click. This helped many cloud teams say goodbye to their Word and Excel documents.

We also proudly accepted a research grant from the NRC, won the Canadian Channel Innovation Award for the second year in a row, and were speakers at Red Hat Summit to showcase how the Red Hat team have been successfully driving transformation as a result of our assessments.

As the team grew in numbers, we also grew in strength. Strength of relationships and camaraderie, and strength in training, education and certifications. It is always exciting to be part of a fast-moving team, and it would be remiss of me to not plug some open positions here, but I have to say that growing headcount more slowly while still moving fast has felt like the right approach for us.

Here’s to a strong 2020, for our team and our customers embarking on their cloud journey.

-David Colebatch
Chief Migration Hacker, Tidal

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