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Gain visibility before migrating to the cloud with data-driven insights.

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Assess: Gain total visibility before migrating

Automate your application assessments with Tidal.Cloud. Know what to expect by understanding your application dependencies, software usage, defects, vulnerabilities.

Migrating to the cloud can be daunting without a clear view of your existing infrastructure. Our comprehensive readiness assessment provides complete visibility so you can migrate with confidence. We dive deep your unique IT environment to analyze your applications, infrastructure, platforms, data, security, and more.

Make informed migration decisions for each application

Few enterprises make use of every single app in their portfolio. Tidal Accelerator allows you to understand which applications you actually use so you can optimize where to focus migration efforts.

You’ll have the insights needed to avoid surprises, minimize costs and maximize value.

Portfolio analysis

Rely on a single source of truth for all your migration data

Avoid conflicting data points and messy shared spreadsheets. Store all your application data, architetcture diagrams, and migration requirements on a centralized data platform to simplify communication.

Assess the quality and maintainability of your codebase

Get a detailed assessment of your technical debt, code duplication, and dependencies. Prioritize refactoring efforts, reduce technical debt, and streamline codebase for a smoother cloud transition.

Read about our new business analytics capabilities

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Nothing falls between the cracks

When you schedule an application for migration, Tidal will automatically detect which applications and servers are dependent. You get a true view of your scope.

Sync up to your Slack channel to keep all communications in one place.

Assessment Progress

Establish approved cloud patterns

Curate a gallery of proven cloud architectures.

Manage a set of cloud patterns for your migration teams so they can focus on the actual migration. Easily scale your successful migration factory to multiple teams.

Cloud Architecture Gallery

6R recommendations, tailored to you

Bring a consistent, value oriented approach to determining the right 6R transition strategy for each application.

Our intelligent recommendations consider your priorities and application composition to suggest the optimal migration approach for each application. Rehost, replatform, refactor or replace - our engine points the way based on data.

6R Recommendations

6R Recommendations

Realize the full business value of your cloud migration

See forecasted savings, ROI and other critical financial insights upfront.

Demonstrate the concrete business benefits of your migration and know exactly where to focus for maximum payoff.

With full visibility into your migration potential, you can transition to the cloud with confidence.

Financial Insights

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