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Migration and Modernization Insights with New Business Analytics Feature

Tidal Accelerator’s new Business Analytics feature empowers organizations with data-driven insights for successful migration and modernization projects.

Tidal Accelerator has recently made its powerful Business Analytics feature generally available across all existing and new workspaces, as discussed in our previous article. This game-changing capability empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions throughout their migration and modernization journeys. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into four key areas where Tidal Accelerator’s advanced analytics provide invaluable insights.

Optimizing User Experience and Resource Allocation

Understanding web application usage patterns is crucial for effective migration planning. Tidal Accelerator’s Web App Log Analysis dashboard, as shown in the video below, offers a comprehensive view of traffic patterns, usage trends, and activity peaks and troughs.

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Tidal Accelerator Web App Log Analysis

By leveraging these insights, organizations can make informed decisions about outage planning, cost estimation, and retain vs. retire strategies. The Business Analytics feature enables teams to identify underutilized applications, optimize resource allocation, and ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

Enhancing Code Quality and Maintainability

Before embarking on a migration or modernization project, it’s essential to assess the quality and maintainability of the codebase. Tidal Accelerator’s Source Code Analysis Overview, demonstrated in the video below, provides a detailed look at technical debt, code duplication, and dependencies.

Tidal Accelerator Source Code Analysis Overview

With this information at their fingertips, development teams can prioritize refactoring efforts, reduce technical debt, and streamline their codebase for a smoother cloud transition. The Business Analytics feature empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions about their application modernization strategies.

Strategic Application Portfolio Management

Tidal Accelerator’s new Business Analytics feature introduces powerful portfolio analysis capabilities, as showcased in the video below.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio analysis enables organizations to evaluate their application portfolio holistically, considering factors such as complexity, criticality, and dependencies. By leveraging these insights, decision-makers can prioritize applications for migration or modernization based on their business value and technical feasibility. Tidal Accelerator’s portfolio analysis features provide a data-driven foundation for strategic planning and resource allocation.

Rightsizing Infrastructure for Optimal Performance

Optimizing infrastructure resources is a critical aspect of migration and modernization projects. Tidal Accelerator’s CPU Utilization Analysis dashboard, highlighted in the video below, offers granular insights into infrastructure demands and performance bottlenecks.

CPU Utilization Analysis

Armed with this information, teams can make informed decisions about rightsizing their infrastructure, provisioning cloud resources efficiently, and optimizing costs. The Business Analytics feature empowers organizations to strike the right balance between performance and cost-effectiveness as they modernize their applications.

The Power of Data-Driven Insights

Tidal Accelerator’s new Business Analytics feature is a game-changer for organizations embarking on migration and modernization projects. By providing actionable insights into web application usage, codebase quality, portfolio analysis, and infrastructure utilization, Tidal Accelerator enables data-driven decision-making at every stage of the journey.

We encourage you to explore these powerful analytics features and leverage the insights to accelerate your migration and modernization initiatives. Start your free trial of Tidal Accelerator today and experience the benefits of data-driven transformation firsthand.