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December 2021 Newsletter, Tidal

Tidal feature releases and announcements in the December 2021 newsletter

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December 2021 Newsletter, Tidal

Cautiously optimistic about 2022? Hey, us too! We’re just trying to make sure any New Year’s resolutions we make aren’t all front-end and no back-end.


Before we look ahead, let’s take a look back! The relentless growth of the cloud continued.

If you’re still recovering from the holiday gauntlet, cozy up and sit down with our 2021 Year-in-Review. Between huge leadership changes, tons of mergers and acquisitions, and an emphasis on multi-cloud, security and sustainability, 2021 was a wild ride in the tech world as well as the rest of it. Dig in!


Our high-performance team just keeps growing! If you like what you’ve been seeing with us and want to join in, see if one of these roles might be a fit:

AWS Cloud Migration Consultant - Migration & Modernization

Azure Cloud Migration Consultant - Migration & Modernization

Azure Cloud Architect - Migration & Modernization

Migration Hacker - Product Team

Migration Hacker - Partner Services Team


In case you missed it, we just wrapped up the final instalment of our awesome Clarity-Driven Cloud Migration Webinar Series on December 9th.

Not to worry, you can still catch the three-part series recorded on our site:

Part 1 - Descaling to Scale

Part 2 - Overcoming the Gap

Part 3 - Optimizing Flow


We’ve been intent on ending the year strong with two new recently released features for you to take advantage of for your migration projects.

The first is a new Notes feature, with the ability to easily capture notes and other ad hoc info about your applications and infrastructure during your migration project. Just click the notes button on the upper right of any application record.

The second is a new command in Tidal Tools to allow you to easily interact with the entire Tidal API. This lets you easily ingest data during the discovery phase or build lightweight integrations for reporting during planning. All without having to write any HTTP requests directly! Give it a try with tidal request on the CLI.


That’s all for that year we called 2021, and if you’ve had a good time with us, let us know by sharing with the links below to keep your small talk game on point.

And if you missed us last month, catch up on our November Newsletter.

Stay golden and see you in 2022!