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Automate and scale your Azure cloud migration assessment

Tidal’s 6Rs Recommendation Engine and Cloud Architecture Gallery announced on Azure Marketplace

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Tidal accelerates enterprise cloud migrations by going deeper into your application portfolio.

Key Points:

  • Tidal announces today its Recommendation Engine for Cloud Migration Methodologies, providing consistent application dispositioning in 6R assessments
  • Tidal also launched today an integrated Cloud Architecture Gallery to support CCoE teams in establishing approved patterns for cloud
  • Available in Azure Marketplace today

Press Contact: media@tidalcloud.com or +1 877 895 7179


TORONTO, ON, September 21, 2020.

Tidal announced three new features today for deeper application portfolio assessments when planning cloud migrations to Azure. Designed in collaboration with enterprise partners who are taking a more transformative approach to data center migration, these features are now out of beta and generally available via Azure Marketplace.

The new assessment capabilities include:

“Today, we are pleased to announce several new features, Tidal’s Assessment Progress Reporting, Cloud Architecture Gallery and our Recommendation Engine” said David Colebatch, CEO of Tidal. “These features enable teams to scale their migrations from their CCoE out to multiple migration teams by providing a gallery of approved architectural patterns and a consistent 6R assessment across your application portfolio. These features extend Tidal’s tailored migration methodology which incorporates each organization’s unique goals - a key component in providing a value-oriented approach to cloud.”

Supporting mass-migration customers in their assessment of thousands of applications has been a core use-case for Tidal since launch, and today’s features enable customers to perform even more automated, and in-depth assessments. The progress reporting tracks when there are enough data points from application discovery to recommend migration methods from the 6Rs.

“Tidal’ automated 6R assessment enabled our migration team to quickly realize that we could transform more of our software to cloud-native than we first thought we could. This pivoted our cloud migration project from an infrastructure-refresh mindset to a modernization one, and allowed us to deliver more value to our business inside the same budget and timelines.” - Paul Pabla, Cloud Migration Program Lead

Additionally released today, the new Cloud Architecture Gallery provides migration teams with a pick-list of architectures to choose from, which can be curated by a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) organization. This allows a customer CCoE to manage a set of approved cloud patterns for migration teams to draw from, and more easily scale their migration factory to multiple teams.


Our mission is to empower organizations to transform their application portfolio and adopt cloud the right way. We achieve this with our award winning Tidal application assessment and transformation platform, which centers around our business-first approach and standardized framework for cloud migration. Tidal has Advanced Tier partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.