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December 2018 Newsletter, Tidal

Tidal feature releases and announcements in the December 2018 newsletter.

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December 2018 Newsletter, Tidal

December has been a festive month under the wave here at and in the cloud community at large; check it out!


  • Migration Effort Estimates - We’ve added a new Migration Effort Estimate field for applications. You can use this field to track how much effort, usually in days, you are expecting to migrate this application.
  • Improved Error Messages for Importing - Importing from Excel is easier than before. We now provide feedback when you import an Excel document, letting you know which rows have missing or invalid data.

  • Warnings for Invalid Input - You will now get feedback if you enter invalid input into a custom field, such as entering text when the field requires a number.

See the changelog for more updates and keep those product ideas and feedback coming at info@tidalcloud.com.



  • A Consistent Path for Cloud Migrations - Migrating to the cloud is new enough that no concrete path has been laid out for how to accomplish it consistently and robustly. This blog post by our own migration hacker, Phil Rees, proposes a general framework for approaching and overcoming common challenges faced in cloud migrations.


  • The Biggest Cloud Myths, Busted - We’ve heard it all before; that the Cloud is just for storage, is only usable by IT people, isn’t secure, takes too much of a commitment, and won’t necessarily save an organization money. In this article, these perceptions are examined and challenged. Cloud skeptics beware!

  • Comparing Clouds: Which Government is Winning - An examination of an Australian study looking at the progress three branches of government have made toward migrating their technology services to cloud environments leased from external providers. Overall, governments are moving from asking “why should we do this?” to “how can we do this?”

  • DynamoDB On-Demand: When, Why and How to use it in your Serverless Applications - AWS recently announced DynamoDB On-Demand, which lets you pay for DynamoDB on a per-request basis rather than planning capacity ahead of time. Finally, serverless developers have a pay-per-request database option to choose from at AWS!

  • Predictions 2019: Cloud Computing Comes of Age as the Foundation for Enterprise Digital Transformation - As firms prepare for 2019, Forrester predicts the biggest cloud providers will get bigger, containers will reshape every cloud platform, and the low-cost infrastructure plus high-value development services will firmly establish cloud as the new enterprise digital application platform.

  • The Future of Big Data is in the Hybrid Cloud: Part 1 - Cloud, like big data, has been the buzz for over a decade, but has only started to see mass adoption among enterprises in the past few years. This article covers the interesting conversation unfolding about how big data and the cloud fit together. It’s like the combination of jam with peanut butter: intuitive and delicious.

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