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November 2018 Newsletter, Tidal

Tidal feature releases and announcements in the November 2018 newsletter.

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November 2018 Newsletter, Tidal

November has been a productive month under the wave here at and in the cloud community at large; check it out!


A new view to manage your interview questions: Now, you can easily add and customize interview questions! This will help you tailor the questions you want to ask your customers or product owners, so that you can get the most out of them when you sit down with them for an interview.

See the changelog for more updates and keep those product ideas and feedback coming at info@tidalcloud.com.


  • AWS re:Invent - from November 26th to 30th, AWS is hosting one of the biggest tech events of the year in Las Vegas. The number of opportunities to attend workshops, keynotes, networking sessions, webinars, etc. is essentially endless.
    • We’re going to to be there! Tweet us to let us know and we can meet up.



  • A Consistent Path for Cloud Migrations - 62% of initial migration projects fail or cause cost overruns because they are more difficult than expected. One of the most common challenges is understanding your IT environment, application portfolio, and how those two components fit together.
  • 2019: The Year for Serverless - With traditional “ops” teams adopting serverless, as well as green-field application development in the cloud, the call for 2019 being the year of serverless is no stretch at all.
  • A Better Way to Adopt Cloud - David Colebatch shares this presentation of his vision for the proper journey of a cloud migration. The overarching theme is that there’s no quick-fix way to getting a cloud migration done. You have to welcome cultural change and be ready to embrace the public Cloud.


  • joins AWS Public Sector Program - is pleased to announce our membership in the AWS Public Sector Program. This opens the door to more public sector users, departments and consulting partners, to embrace cloud more quickly, and with less risk.
  • Alibaba Aims to Make Cloud Computing its ‘Main Business’ - CEO Daniel Zhang states that “every business in the future will be powered by the cloud.” It’s funny to image someone reading that quote thinking he’s referring to businesses harvesting the power of lightning.
  • Satya Nadella: The Cloud is Going to Move Underwater - the Microsoft CEO claims that underwater server farms are part of the company’s plans for future data centers. Part of us hopes this is an elaborate scheme to get competitors to dump their servers into the ocean.
  • AWS News Blog: Predictive Scaling for EC2, Powered by Machine Learning - using data collected from customers’ actual EC2 usage, predictive scaling aims to predict expected traffic and EC2 usage, with daily and weekly patterns. We yearn for the day that road traffic is given as much attention.
  • Access Amazon Aurora Serverless Database with New Data API - this new API enables easy access to Aurora Serverless with web services-based applications including AWS Lambda and AWS AppSync. Basically, there’s things you want to get and a new way of getting them faster and easier.

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