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Tidal Joins Microsoft Azure Landing Zone Accelerator Ecosystem

Transform your mainframe and midrange applications with Tidal’s Azure landing zone accelerator.

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Tidal Joins Microsoft Azure Landing Zone Accelerator Ecosystem

Accelerating Innovation by Transforming Mainframe and Midrange Applications on Azure

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA February 27, 2024

Tidal.Cloud today announced its inclusion in the Microsoft Azure Landing Zone Accelerator program, providing organizations with a streamlined path to modernizing mainframe and midrange workloads in Azure. The Tidal Accelerator solution provides comprehensive discovery, analysis, and migration planning capabilities tailored for complex legacy systems.

The Azure Landing Zone Accelerator program delivers pre-defined architectural blueprints to build a strong foundation for migration and innovation. With Tidal’s addition, enterprises can now leverage proven guidance to transform mainframe and midrange applications, while benefiting from Azure’s scalability, security, and global reach.

We are thrilled to join Microsoft’s prestigious accelerator ecosystem," said David Colebatch, CEO of Tidal.Cloud. “This integration enables seamless execution of mainframe and midrange modernization projects in Azure. Our customers can now harness the power of our purpose-built platform and Microsoft’s cloud leadership to achieve their digital transformation goals.

The Tidal Accelerator solution provides:

  • Automated discovery and analysis of mainframe and midrange application portfolios
  • Prioritization recommendations based on modernization complexity and business value
  • Actionable migration roadmaps tailored to each application
  • End-to-end migration planning leveraging replatforming, rehosting, or refactoring techniques
  • Ongoing application portfolio management

With Tidal’s inclusion in the Azure Landing Zone Accelerator program, enterprises can easily implement best practice architectures to enable successful execution of even the most complex legacy migrations. Tidal and Azure’s combined strengths provide an accelerated path to innovation while optimizing existing IT investments.

Build on a vetted and proven reference architecture, find out more about Tidal’s Azure Landing Zone Accelerator solution here

Tidal Landing Zone Accelerator

Tidal Landing Zone Accelerator

About Tidal.Cloud

Tidal’s mission is to enable rapid transformation from Enterprise IT to the Cloud. The company achieves this with an application assessment platform, using a business-first approach and a purpose-built, scalable framework. The platform is designed and built specifically for enterprises to make high impact changes and informed decisions rapidly in their cloud migrations and transformation projects.

Using high-performance assessment and collaboration tools, the business priorities of Tidal’s customers are at the forefront of their cloud migration plans. Its collaborative platform, Accelerator, simplifies and automates the cloud migration planning process and uses a transformative cloud migration framework. Global customers can increase business agility and transcend labor shortages through Tidal’s scalable and automated migration processes, enabling cloud-native services for a modern business.

Tidal is a Migration & Modernization Software Competency Partner, Qualified Software Partner, Public Sector Partner, and Services Partner with Amazon Web Services. Tidal is also a Managed Partner, Co-Sell Ready Partner, and Gold ISV Partner of Microsoft.