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Tidal Calculator Welcomes New Region

New Canada West region, latest AWS pricing, and Graviton3 EC2 instances. Estimate cloud costs with ease.

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Tidal Calculator Welcomes New Region

We’re excited to announce new updates for Tidal Calculator, the easy way to estimate cloud costs across the major cloud providers:

AWS Pricing Update

We’ve updated AWS pricing on Tidal Calculator, incorporating the latest changes and additions, including the much-anticipated Graviton3 EC2 instances. This update ensures that our users have access to the most current and cost-effective options for their cloud computing cost estimates.

New Canadian Region

We’ve included a new Canadian region - AWS Canada West (Calgary). This addition not only broadens our geographical coverage but also offers our Canadian users localized options for their cloud infrastructure, enhancing performance and compliance with local regulations.

We’re constantly enhancing Tidal Calculator to ensure it stays current with the latest cloud offerings and helps you make informed decisions about your cloud spend. The ability to select from an expanded list of regions, including the new Canada West region, will allow you to build even more accurate and geographically relevant cost estimates.

Log in or sign up for free to try out these new capabilities and see how much you could save by modernizing as you migrate with Tidal.Cloud. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow and improve.