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Tidal Accelerator's Update Improves Application Interviews

Optimized app interviews with Tidal Accelerator’s latest update: pre-filled, intuitive UI, and quick app info gathering.

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Tidal Accelerator's Update Improves Application Interviews

What’s New in Tidal Accelerator

Application Interviews

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to Tidal Accelerator, which focuses on optimizing one of our most popular features: Application interviews. This update was designed to make the interview process faster, more intuitive, and easier to use.

The latest update of Tidal Accelerator includes prefilled interviews, which save time for users who are completing interviews for similar applications.

What are Application Interviews?

Application interviews are a crucial step during cloud migration as they ensure that the migrated applications continue to meet business needs and comply with regulations. Conducting these interviews periodically allows companies to track any changes made to the application and ensure it is still performing as intended. The information gathered during these interviews is essential for successful migration and avoiding future problems.

Saving Time and Improving User Experience for Application Interviews

The process of conducting application interviews can be time-consuming and tedious, but Tidal Accelerator has recently released an update that addresses these challenges. The latest update includes prefilled interviews, an improved user interface, and faster gathering of app information. In this article, we will explore the new features of Tidal Accelerator and how they can benefit users.

Prefilled Interviews

One of the most significant updates to Tidal Accelerator is the introduction of prefilled interviews. These interviews save time for users who are completing interviews for similar applications. The prefilled answers come from the application record by default, and users can choose to use them or change them. The template dropdown allows users to bring answers from previous interviews into the current interview. People can mark questions as N/A or set them as unanswered.

Improved User Interface

The updated user interface of Tidal Accelerator has been designed to make it more intuitive and easier for users to navigate and make changes. People can review the questions and answers that will be used in the interview. After completing an interview, the answers are saved to the app record. People can navigate to previously conducted interviews and make changes to questions or start a new interview. These changes improve productivity and scalability for users conducting multiple application interviews.

Faster Gathering of App Information

Gathering useful app information is now faster and easier with the latest update. People can quickly access the questions and answers that will be used in the interview, and prefilled interviews save time by populating similar answers. This means that users can conduct interviews more efficiently and move on to other tasks, which improves their overall productivity.

Video Walkthrough

To help users understand the new features of Tidal Accelerator, a video walkthrough by Migration Hacker, Sam King, provides a clear demonstration of the new features. The video tutorial is easy to follow, and it showcases the new features in action. This video is a great resource for users who are new to Tidal Accelerator or who want to learn more about the latest update.


Tidal Accelerator’s latest update is a game-changer for people who conduct multiple application interviews. The prefilled interviews save time, the improved user interface makes it more intuitive to use, and the faster gathering of app information makes the entire process more efficient. People can now review and change questions from previously conducted interviews, which improves their overall productivity. The video walkthrough by Sam King is an excellent resource for users who want to learn more about the new features. With these updates, Tidal Accelerator has become a more powerful tool for conducting application interviews.

Key Benefits

  • Improved productivity: the pre-filled interviews and easier access to useful app information will help users complete multiple interviews more efficiently.
  • More intuitive user interface: the new UI makes it easier for users to make changes and navigate through the interview process.
  • Reusability of previous interviews: users can now reuse answers from previous interviews, particularly useful when dealing with similar applications.
  • Flexibility to edit or delete interviews: users can edit or delete interviews at any point, allowing for greater control and flexibility.

We hope you enjoy using Tidal Accelerator’s new and improved Application Interview feature, and as always, we appreciate any feedback to help us continue improving our product.