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Tidal Cloud Introduces New Migration Wave Planner

Tidal Cloud’s Migration Wave Planner streamlines cloud migration, uncovering data issues and optimizing resources.

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Tidal Cloud Introduces New Migration Wave Planner

Tidal Cloud’s Migration Wave Planner — Streamlining Cloud Migration for Enterprises

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA June 10, 2024 EINPresswire.comTidal.Cloud

Tidal Cloud introduces the Migration Wave Planner today, a powerful cloud migration tool designed to accelerate an enterprise’s journey to the cloud with unparalleled efficiency and confidence.

Tidal Accelerator Migration Wave Planner

Tidal Accelerator Migration Wave Planner

The Migration Wave Planner is designed to serve as a centralized hub for an organization’s migration planning needs. With its user-friendly interface, companies can add and organize applications, servers, and databases, making it easier to manage and distribute resources effectively. The Planner features a comprehensive visual summary chart that provides a clear overview of a cloud migration landscape, displaying critical information such as current applications, resources being added, and their environment distribution. Its robust dependency management capabilities allow users to identify potential roadblocks by displaying first-level dependencies for the resources being added or those already in the Migration Wave. Additionally, the Planner enables flexible assignment of resources - such as applications, servers, and databases - across multiple Migration Waves, ensuring a seamless and organized transition to the cloud.

Tidal Accelerator Migration Wave Planner stage application view

Tidal Accelerator Migration Wave Planner stage application view

The Wave Planner’s intelligent dependency management is crucial for minimizing disruptions during the migration process. By proactively addressing potential roadblocks and ensuring that all dependencies are managed effectively, the Wave Planner reduces the risk of unforeseen issues. Additionally, its flexible resource assignment and comprehensive risk management features enable users to allocate resources across multiple Migration Waves and capture critical risk-related information, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making. This leads to a more organized, efficient, and successful cloud migration journey, empowering businesses to achieve its cloud goals with confidence. Most notably, the new Migration Wave Planner has already proven its value in uncovering data anomalies, streamlining processes, and significantly improving client efficiency.

We’re committed to continuously enhancing our cloud migration platform, ensuring it addresses the ever-evolving needs of our valued customers. The introduction of the Migration Wave Planner is just the beginning - we have an exciting road map of innovative features and functionalities in store to further streamline and optimize our customers’ migration journey," shared David Colebatch, CEO of Tidal Cloud.

Tidal Accelerator Migration Wave Planner stage application view

Tidal Accelerator Migration Wave Planner stage application view

The Migration Wave Planner is now available to all customers using the company’s flagship product, Tidal Accelerator. With its user-friendly interface, powerful visualizations, and robust dependency management capabilities, this planner is poised to revolutionize the way organizations approach and execute their migration initiatives.

About Tidal.Cloud

Tidal’s mission is to enable rapid transformation from Enterprise IT to the Cloud. The company achieves this with an application assessment platform, using a business-first approach and a purpose-built, scalable framework. The platform is designed and built specifically for enterprises to make high impact changes and informed decisions rapidly in their cloud migrations and transformation projects.

Using high-performance assessment and collaboration tools, the business priorities of Tidal’s customers are at the forefront of their cloud migration plans. Its collaborative platform, Accelerator, simplifies and automates the cloud migration planning process and uses a transformative cloud migration framework. Global customers can increase business agility and transcend labor shortages through Tidal’s scalable and automated migration processes, enabling cloud-native services for a modern business.

Tidal is a Migration & Modernization Software Competency Partner, Qualified Software Partner, Public Sector Partner, and Services Partner with Amazon Web Services. Tidal is also a Managed Partner, Co-Sell Ready Partner, and Gold ISV Partner of Microsoft.


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