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Tidal.Cloud Enhances Data Sync and Log Analysis Capabilities

Leading cloud migration platform adds automation and expands analytics functions.

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Tidal.Cloud Enhances Data Sync and Log Analysis Capabilities

New Feature Update: Enhanced Data Sync and Log Analysis Capabilities in Latest Release

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 15, 2023 EINPresswire.com/ – Tidal.Cloud

Leading cloud migration platform adds automation and expands analytics functions

Tidal.Cloud, a leading provider of cloud migration and modernization solutions, has announced significant enhancements to its platform in the latest product release. A key new capability automatically syncs custom field data when using the tidal sync command.

Automated Sync of Custom Data Fields

Previously when syncing data from on-premises to the Tidal API, users had to manually create any custom fields in the API first. Now, tidal sync intelligently inspects the data set and automatically handles the creation of any custom fields, streamlining the entire process - said Tidal.Cloud CTO Philip Rees.

This automation extends across all resources like servers, databases, and applications. Users no longer have to take any preparatory steps on the Tidal platform interface before syncing custom data fields.

By automatically handling custom data structures to provide seamless sync between on-premises environments and the cloud, the tidal sync improvements deliver a smoother migration experience by eliminating tedious upfront configuration.

Expanded Log File Analysis

Additionally, the new release enhances the platform’s log analysis capabilities. Tidal can now process multiple log files and entire directories for its advanced log analytics.

Previously, our log analysis was limited to a single file. But with modern application environments, logs are often spread across multiple files and directories. By accepting multiple inputs, we can deliver smarter insights by processing a broader log data set - Rees noted.

Tidal.Cloud provides automated infrastructure and application discovery. The enhanced support for analyzing multiple, distributed log files allows the platform to build a more complete picture of system behavior and dependencies to enable smoother migration planning.

Ongoing Platform Enhancements

This latest release demonstrates Tidal.Cloud’s continued commitment to enhancing the cloud migration journey through automation and intelligence. Seamless sync, deeper log analytics, and hands-free custom data field handling reduce migration friction for a streamlined path to the cloud.

About Tidal.Cloud

Tidal’s mission is to enable rapid transformation from Enterprise IT to the Cloud. The company achieves this with an application assessment platform, using a business-first approach and a purpose-built, scalable framework. The platform is designed and built specifically for enterprises to make high impact changes and informed decisions rapidly in their cloud migrations and transformation projects.

Using high-performance assessment and collaboration tools, the business priorities of Tidal’s customers are at the forefront of their cloud migration plans. Its collaborative platform, Accelerator, simplifies and automates the cloud migration planning process and uses a transformative cloud migration framework. Global customers can increase business agility and transcend labor shortages through Tidal’s scalable and automated migration processes, enabling cloud-native services for a modern business.

Tidal is a Migration & Modernization Software Competency Partner, Qualified Software Partner, Public Sector Partner, and Services Partner with Amazon Web Services. Tidal is also a Managed Partner, Co-Sell Ready Partner, and Gold ISV Partner of Microsoft.