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Case Study

Wave Planner Uncovers Data Anomalies, Boosts Efficiency

Wave Planner uncovers hidden data issues, proves instrumental to client’s migration success.

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Case Study
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Case Study
Tidal Accelerator’s migration wave overview

Tidal Accelerator’s migration wave overview

At Tidal Cloud, we’re constantly innovating to help our customers streamline their operations and ensure data integrity. Our latest feature, the Migrate and Modernize Wave Planner in Tidal Accelerator, has already begun making waves by helping our customers identify and rectify hidden issues within their data ecosystems.

Here’s a firsthand account of how it helped a large public sector organization uncover and address bad data that had been complicating their server-to-application dependency maps.

This organization embarked on a cloud migration journey to support future modernization. They used the Tidal Accelerator to modernize as they migrated and in doing so, this customer was able to kick-start a culture of continuous improvement and transformation.

Highlights of the Results

The large public sector organization achieved significant improvements in their cloud migration process using the Wave Planner. They were able to:

  • Identify and rectify hidden data anomalies
  • Simplify their server-to-application dependency maps
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce migration delays
Tidal Accelerator’s stage application view

Tidal Accelerator’s stage application view

The Work Implemented

The large public sector organization was in the process of staging applications into a migration wave, using the new Wave Planner feature while in the Discovery process. Initially, they encountered performance issues and delays when trying to stage a significant number of applications at once.

I was staging 38 apps with a few server dependencies each, but it spun for a long time, and I had to move on to another task.

Migration Analyst from the Public Sector Organization

Our team at Tidal quickly investigated and they found that the delay was caused by a high number of shallow connections, with each server having multiple applications (10-20) linked to it. This wasn’t a typical data structure for application dependency maps within most of our clients, indicating an anomaly.

A Deeper Dive into the Data

As our customer continued using the Wave Planner, they decided to experiment by adding applications in smaller batches. This incremental approach led to a crucial discovery:

Adding 5 apps first worked, though it still took some time. The first 5 apps I clicked resulted in 97 other apps to bring in.

The migration analyst noted.

This was a clear indication of data anomalies. They found that one server, which seemed to have over 20 applications associated with it, was actually an SFTP server shared by administrators. This server was mistakenly considered a core dependency for these applications.

Tidal Accelerator’s dependent resources view

Tidal Accelerator’s dependent resources view

The Resolution

With this insight, the customer decided to reclassify the SFTP server as its own standalone application, named “SFTP Service.” This change allowed them to disassociate it from the 20+ applications, simplifying their dependency map significantly.

With this clarification of what a dependency is and the difference between loosely-coupled and tightly-coupled (latency sensitive) application components, the association between applications can more accurately be reflected and incorporated into migration wave planning.


This large public sector organization successfully tackled their data issues in their CMDB and Application Portfolio Management solutions, by leveraging the new Migrate and Modernize Wave Planner feature in Tidal Accelerator, and embracing a different approach. Their willingness to adapt and use Tidal’s toolset led to streamlined data management and improved operational efficiency. This success story highlights the value of effective data management tools for any organization undertaking complex and large migrations.

At Tidal Cloud, we are committed to providing solutions that enhance your operational efficiency and data integrity. Stay tuned for more updates and success stories as we continue to evolve and improve our offerings.

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