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Case Study

How ULSE Simplified Their IP Planning Process

Our valued customer shares why they chose LightMesh IPAM for subnet and IP address management.

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Case Study
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Case Study

Witness the transformative impact of LightMesh on IP address management.

UL Standards and Engagement Simplifies with LightMesh IPAM

We’re excited to showcase how UL Standards & Engagement (ULSE) used LightMesh to gain unparalleled simplicity in IP address management!

The Challenge

ULSE was struggling with manual spreadsheets for subnetting and IP address management (IPAM). They faced issues with IP address planning when adding new servers.

The Solution

With Tidal LightMesh, ULSE was able to instantly visualize the network topology, making it easy to expand servers in a VLAN.

Recently, we ran out of IP addresses for servers in a VLAN. Instead of pouring our spreadsheets, with LightMesh, I could immediately see where to expand the subnet. Seeing our network visually makes IP address management incredibly simple and intuitive. Purchasing this software was a no-brainer. – Brian Peterlin, Network Architect at ULSE

The Results

UL Standards and Engagement’s acceleration in network growth and management has allowed them to focus on their crucial mission of creating a safer world through translating scientific discoveries into actionable safety measures. Brian enthusiastically reflected on LightMesh’s transformative impact, stating, “It was one of the easiest pieces of software I’ve ever purchased. I couldn’t stop talking about it.”

Tidal is grateful for Brian’s testimonial and for the opportunity to support ULSE in their commitment to fostering a clean energy future.

Unlock the Power of LightMesh:

  • Unparalleled simplicity in subnet and IP planning
  • Transformative network topology visualization
  • Time-saving IPAM solution

Explore LightMesh with a free trial today and experience simplified IP address management.


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