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Case Study

Toronto Regional Real Estate Board

Cloud-native application transformation yields operational cost savings of almost 60%.

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Case Study
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Case Study

Toronto Regional Real Estate Board Saves with Tidal

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) is Canada’s largest real estate board and a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1920. TRREB serves more than 62,000 licensed real estate Brokers and Salespersons in the Greater Toronto Area. Its mission is to be the primary real estate resource providing, preserving and advancing the professionalism and success of all Members through innovation and leadership.

The Challenge

TRREB hosts many applications that support its members and users in both legacy on-site data centers and traditional managed service provided by a colocation provider.

To achieve their objectives of increased IT agility, innovation, scalability, security, and cost, TRREB needed a deep dive assessment of their applications to determine their cloud readiness and identify recommended cloud-native architectures. Without this application assessment TRREB would be limited to a lift and shift migration. Traditional migrations could not leverage the cloud native services and platforms that yield the efficient deployments and lower licensing costs that TRREB was seeking.

The Solution

Tidal recommended a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s application portfolio. This assessment served as the basis for a value-based transformative migration to AWS, leveraging managed services (PaaS), serverless architectures where possible, and IaaS as needed.

Using the Tidal platform, proprietary discovery and assessment tools, and its data-driven migration methodology. Tidal captured the key data and information required to make informed application disposition and target architecture recommendations.

The Details

The key information collected included

  • Key infrastructure information associated with application and database servers and their dependencies
  • Application source code analysis to determine migration difficulty
  • Application stakeholder information captured via interviews.

Using these information sources, Tidal was able to categorize the applications and recommend four cloud native architectures. The recommended transformations included the following:

  • Java/Spring Boot applications > to AWS Elastic Beanstalk, or Fargate for Java/Tomcat platform
  • Weblogic applications > to AWS Elastic Beanstalk with EC2 Auto Scaling Group
  • Joomla COTS application > to a CMS reference architecture in AWS

Tidal also evaluated available AWS support options and their costs based on the workloads and expected AWS organization and account structure to recommend the lowest cost support options that met TREBS requirements for 24/7 support.

The Results

Tidal was able to recommend architectures that meet or exceed the performance, add scalability and agility while saving more than 57% from both their existing hosting environment and a lift and shift migration.

For example, by refactoring Java applications written in Spring Boot Framework to AWS Elastic Beanstalk, it would cost TRREB only CAD2,300 per year and provide auto scaling capabilities not currently available on-premise. This compares to CAD16,296 if it migrated to AWS in its current technology stack.

About Tidal

Built by AWS experts, on AWS. We are an AWS Validated Software partner and listed on AWS Marketplace. Our customers get access to multiple AWS funding programs using Tidal. Our cloud readiness assessment and 6R migration strategies complement requirements documented within the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), AWS Well-Architected Framework, and AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).


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