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Case Study

Jackson National Retires Legacy with Cloud

Jackson National Life Insurance Company achieves business agility and cost savings with Tidal.

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Case Study
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Case Study

Jackson National Life Insurance Delivers Business Agility and Cost Savings with Application Modernization

Jackson National Life Insurance Company’s (“Jackson”) journey to the cloud marks a pivotal move in their pursuit of enhanced business agility and cost-effectiveness. Headquartered in Purchase, New York, Jackson is renowned for its commitment to helping Americans plan for retirement with clarity and purpose.

With assets exceeding $300 billion and a workforce of well over 2,000, Jackson stands as a leading force in the insurance industry. Their decision to migrate to the cloud showcases their dedication to innovation, ensuring they can continue to provide cutting-edge solutions while maintaining their position as a trusted partner in the quest for financial freedom. Join us as we delve into this transformative shift and explore the implications for Jackson and its clients.

The Challenge

Jackson managed a complex portfolio of over 337 enterprise applications hosted on an aging patchwork of legacy infrastructure. Costly mainframe upkeep and fragmented legacy systems drained resources. Lack of holistic visibility into interdependent applications obstructed optimization efforts and stalled strategic decision-making on modernization priorities. This myriad of infrastructural and institutional complexity presented constant hurdles to productivity, operations, compliance, and development initiatives.

To harness the benefits of cloud transformation, Jackson needed to consolidate decades of technical debt. This involved transitioning from and retiring outdated mainframe computers and moving their systems and data to a more modern infrastructure. By methodically aligning efforts to strategic goals, cloud migration could proceed while minimizing operational disruptions.

The Solution

Tidal’s cloud readiness assessment was conducted to analyze the application portfolio and provide a data-driven migration and modernization strategy. The assessment provided:

  • An updated inventory of all 337+ applications with dependencies
  • Automated daily refresh of application, database, and server interrelationships
  • In-depth analysis of 50 key applications to identify optimal migration approaches
  • Tailored recommendations including 6R disposition, landing zone design, and migration planning
Journey to the Cloud

Tidal's 12 step Journey to the Cloud

The Details

The cloud readiness assessment provided actionable insights to de-risk Jackson’s migration approach. It identified 19% OpEx savings in the first year through optimized infrastructure and services. Additionally, it charted a path for migrating larger workloads and recommended adopting cloud-native technologies like serverless to reduce costs.

The assessment also improved security with cloud-based identity and key management. It increased business agility by showcasing on-demand scalability and reducing time-to-market for new capabilities from months to weeks. Lastly, the assessment delivered strategic value for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time migration experts.

The Results

Leveraging the 12-step framework for cloud migrations, the assessment furnished Jackson with actionable insights. These included application business value, usage patterns, and rationalization opportunities.

The assessment:

  • Identified a 97%+ OpEx savings from straightforward application re-platforming
  • Outlined common patterns for refactoring apps to serverless architectures
  • Projected 65% faster deployments with serverless

Additionally, the assessment analyzed expanding cloud readiness assessments across Jackson’s broader application portfolio, identifying further savings opportunities. It also delivered a tactical roadmap to guide each phase of migration - ensuring smooth transitions.

By taking a data-driven approach, Jackson achieved clarity in its expansive app portfolio. This visibility enabled data-backed decisions to streamline processes, cut costs, and accelerate cloud-powered innovation. With Tidal’s guidance, Jackson unlocked the cloud’s immense potential to gain a competitive edge for the future.

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