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Migrate from SolarWinds to Tidal's Modern IPAM Solution

Considering moving from SolarWinds IP Address Manager to Tidal LightMesh? We show you how to make the switch.

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Migrate from SolarWinds to Tidal's Modern IPAM Solution

Here at Tidal, we have helped many organizations make the switch from SolarWinds to LightMesh. We developed our LightMesh IPAM (IP Address Management) solution to provide advanced automation and ease-of-use for network engineers. If you’ve considered migrating away from SolarWinds IP Address Manager, this post will walk through how to make the switch.

Why We Built LightMesh

We realized companies needed an IPAM solution that delivered:

  • A clean, intuitive user interface that makes managing IP addresses simple
  • Support for critical features like IPv6, robust API access, and role-based access control
  • Easy integrations with the existing tools teams already rely on
  • Automation to streamline subnet and IP address management

LightMesh provides all of this and more in a flexible, scalable platform.

How to Migrate from SolarWinds to LightMesh

Migrating your network data onto LightMesh is straightforward with these steps:

Step 1: Export Subnets from SolarWinds

Using SolarWinds’ export capabilities, export your IPAM data including subnets, IP addresses, and more into a CSV file. Read detailed instructions here.

Step 2: Import Subnets into LightMesh

Import the CSV export file into LightMesh. Once imported, all your network data will be available in LightMesh.

Step 3: Recreate Configs and Integrations

Any additional SolarWinds configurations like user roles and permissions can be easily recreated in LightMesh within our flexible user and role management feature. You can also restore integrations with tools you use by leveraging LightMesh’s open API and integrations.

Realize the Benefits of LightMesh

By switching to LightMesh, you can:

  • Manage IPv4 and IPv6 addresses seamlessly with a user-friendly dashboard
  • Cut time spent on manual IPAM tasks by over 78%
  • Gain real-time visibility into IP address usage across subnets
  • Scale seamlessly as you add more locations and users

Our customers consistently find the switch from SolarWinds to LightMesh delivers major time savings, fewer headaches, and more efficient networks.

Get Started for Free on LightMesh

Ready to experience next-generation IPAM? You can get started with LightMesh today: Start Your Free Trial (no credit card required) We’re confident once you try LightMesh for yourself, you’ll want to make the switch from SolarWinds. If you have any questions during your trial or migration, our team is available to help.

Take control of your IP addresses with LightMesh!