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How Migration and Modernization Minimize Environmental Impact

Tidal Cloud’s platform and expertise in migration and modernization help companies minimize environmental impact through leveraging green cloud data centers, right-sizing resources, and accelerating innovation.

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How Migration and Modernization Minimize Environmental Impact
How Migration and Modernization Minimize Environmental Impact

How Migration and Modernization Minimize Environmental Impact

Businesses are prioritizing sustainability to minimize their environmental impact. Since we started, we’ve completed over 130 migration projects with regional and international customers. These projects generally involve right-sizing resources, moving to major cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, and modernizing applications.

Having led a company that focuses on modernizing businesses as they migrate, I’ve seen firsthand how the cloud has allowed organizations to significantly reduce their emissions and energy usage.

Here’s how:

Leveraging Green Data Centers

Major cloud providers operate highly efficient data centers largely powered by renewable energy. Migration to the cloud taps into this greener infrastructure to reduce power usage.

Right-Sizing Resources

The cloud’s on-demand capacity allows right-sizing resources to match real-time needs rather than overprovisioning. This eliminates waste from idle servers drawing excess power. For example, with auto-scaling groups, our customers now closely match instance size to workload size. Such rapid and dynamic scaling of resources also reduces wastage.

Prioritizing Green Design

We teach our customers how to design lean, green cloud-native application patterns like microservices and containerization to keep code lean. The looser coupling and scalability helps maximize resource efficiency and reduce overall power needs.

Enabling Innovation

The cloud enables rapid experimentation while using power-optimizing and innovative technologies, which scales resources dynamically. For example, building serverless data pipelines that scale up and down on demand - a dynamic approach that would have been difficult on-premises.

Boosting Remote Productivity

Cloud collaboration apps, remote work solutions, and automated workflows reduce travel, commutes and redundant tasks – minimizing associated emissions.

Tidal.Cloud provides a platform and expertise to help organizations undertake business and IT modernization to meet sustainability goals. The cloud’s economies of scale and renewable energy power enable substantial emissions reductions.

By leveraging cloud solutions, companies can innovate faster and transform their operations - becoming more agile, cost effective and sustainable. Cloud migration and modernization pave the way to a greener, more efficient future.

We’re proud of the progress our customers have made so far, and are excited to do even more.