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Maximizing Your Cloud Migration Success with Application Owner Interviews

Application Owner Interviews in Tidal Accelerator drive business-focused cloud migrations by efficiently gathering insights from stakeholders to inform data-driven modernization.

Welcome back to our “Modernize as you Migrate” series by Tidal Cloud

In this second episode, we explore a crucial element of your migration strategy - the Application Owner Interviews, a feature within Tidal Accelerator. These interviews are a game-changer, helping you make your migration not just IT-efficient but also business-driven.

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Modernization Beyond IT: The Key to Success

To maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your migration and modernization initiatives, it’s essential to shift your perspective. Modernization goes beyond IT; it’s about aligning technology with your business objectives. Treating migration as an IT-only event can lead to wasted efforts and unwanted changes.

The Power of Application Owner Interviews

At Tidal Cloud, we’re dedicated to ensuring the seamless success of your migration journey. As an integral part of our data discovery process, the Application Owner Interview feature within Tidal Accelerator serves as a key tool for our customers.

  • Unlock Fast and Consistent Data Gathering: Application Owner Interviews provide a fast and consistent way to collect essential data for your migration. They streamline the process and ensure that you have the necessary insights to make informed decisions.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Our latest enhancements to this feature are designed with efficiency in mind. When you start an interview for an application, you can review the questions and the pre-filled answers based on the application record. These pre-filled answers save time and effort, ensuring data accuracy.

  • Effortless Reuse of Data: Users often deal with multiple applications with similar characteristics. Our solution allows you to choose answers from previous interviews, saving you from repetitive tasks and speeding up the process.

  • Tailored to Your Needs: You can step through the questions, review, and adjust the default answers based on stakeholder input. This customization ensures that you gather information that is specific to your migration needs.

  • Streamlined Decision-Making: Once you complete the interview, you get a data modal showing the current value of the app field and the new value that you’re about to set it to. This visual confirmation helps you make sure that all necessary changes are correctly recorded.


The Application Owner Interviews within Tidal Accelerator are a powerful tool for your migration strategy. They bridge the gap between IT and business objectives, ensuring that your cloud migration and modernization efforts align with your organization’s goals. These interviews are a part of our commitment to making your modernization journey more efficient, data-driven, and ultimately successful.

Stay tuned for the next episodes in our “Modernize as you Migrate” series, where we explore Scaling Your Migration Teams with JIRA Integration and Project Templates. Ready to modernize your migration strategy with Tidal Accelerator? Sign up now and unlock the full potential of your cloud migration.