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February 2022 Newsletter, Tidal

Tidal feature releases and announcements in the February 2022 newsletter

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February 2022 Newsletter, Tidal

Given current events, may we all stand together in support of victims of violence and hate in the world. Stay safe and strong, everyone.


Pushing through the dreaded February blues, we’re circling back and taking a birds-eye-view of what’s in store for the rest of the year.

Settle in and read up on Cloud Trends 2022 (Own Your Cloud!), now up on the blog—a team effort put together to bring you more clarity on what to keep in mind while planning your digital migration this year.

Also, we’ve teamed with the cloud service providers to put together a special offer to reduce the financial impact for the initial assessment of your applications from now until March 31st. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please share your details through our Migration Accelerator Offer form.


We’re looking for some new recruits, and we think you’d be perfect. Give us a shout if you’ve been in search of becoming:

AWS Cloud Migration Consultant - Migration & Modernization

Azure Cloud Migration Consultant - Migration & Modernization

Azure Cloud Architect - Migration & Modernization

Migration Hacker - Product Team

Migration Hacker - Partner Services Team


In case you missed it, we had quite the time at our joint webinar with Microsoft entitled How Federal Departments Can Unlock The Value of Legacy Apps With Cloud. Register with us to access the recording and learn how to modernize legacy applications to Azure with Sherif Messiha, Azure Applications and Infrastructure Specialist for Microsoft Canada**,** and David Colebatch, our Chief Migration Hacker.


Tidal Tools VM Appliance

Your discovery process is now even easier with the new Tidal Tools VM appliance. It comes with Tidal Tools, our agentless collection and analysis software pre-installed and ready to go.

Download it and install it into any VMware environment to get started with your migration discovery, or if you’re already in the cloud, you can also use a marketplace VM directly from AWS, Azure or GCP, whose page you can have a look at below.

More to Save On Clouds by Tidal

If you’re still yet to dive into last month’s launch of our new product Saver, we’ve put together a nifty little walkthrough that is sure to help flesh out the picture of how this tool can keep your cloud costs under control.

We’ve also introduced an update making it easier to connect your Google, AWS, and Azure account, because we believe this sort of thing should be seamless, no?

Oh, and Tidal Saver is free to use with a subscription to the Tidal platform!


  • Cloud-native apps vs cloud-based applications—yes, there’s a difference - This may be the answer to that burning question you were too shy to ask. The short version? Cloud-native apps are based on services (compute, data etc.), not servers. Your cloud-based applications can be any of your legacy apps running on servers in the cloud. The main difference is in the way you design your software.
  • Akamai to acquire AWS competitor Linode for $900M - In case you were wondering what happened to Infrastructure-as-a-service, the answer is: nothing. It’s alive and kicking, as made clear by Linode, a popular alternative to the public cloud giants, who are being acquired by Akamai Technologies in their quest to become “the world’s most distributed compute platform” (their quote!), making it more affordable for your friendly neighbourhood developers.
  • Salesforce teams with AWS on direct-to-consumer streaming media solution - Netflix, Amazon Prime, and now Salesforce is taking up streaming real estate with their business-focused streaming service. And who better to provide the infrastructure for their subscription-driving initiative than long-time partner AWS?
  • Stanford University uses AI computing to cut DNA sequencing down to five hours - Add Stanford to the roster of Guinness Book of World Record holders—they’ve just clocked the fastest DNA sequencing time in history, using AI to speed up every step of genome sequencing workflow. Technology!
  • AWS brings its Local Zones mini data centers to 32 new cities - Look out—these smaller scale data centres are coming in hot to 26 new countries. Until now, these Local Zones had only been available in the US, but all developers deserve low latency, right?

That’s all for February, and if you’ve had a good time with us, let us know by sharing with the links below and convert your cloud-skeptic pals.

And if you missed us last month, catch up on our January Newsletter.

Stay well and see you in March!