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April 2022 Newsletter, Tidal

Tidal feature releases and announcements in the April 2022 newsletter

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April 2022 Newsletter, Tidal

Microplastics in our bodies, billionaires buying social media—ever have the feeling we’re living in a sci-fi plot? Have a laugh, embrace the chaos, and let’s dive in!



Sometimes a handy antidote to chaos might just be a new career move. Give us a shout if one of these roles sounds like you:

AWS Cloud Migration Consultant - Migration & Modernization

Azure Cloud Migration Consultant - Migration & Modernization

Azure Cloud Architect - Migration & Modernization

Migration Hacker - Product Team

Migration Hacker - Partner Services Team


Speaking of our brilliant team, our awesome Migration Hacker Pranav Malaviya is celebrating a year with Tidal, and wrote up a great blog post detailing his year with us.

Many a cloud project realizes right at the last moment that there is a need to migrate DNS! Check out How to Migrate from BIND to AWS Route53 Safely in 3 Commands, it may be the key to cutting over on schedule.


Early Access Beta Program

How do you ensure your cloud transformation software platform works for you?

You help to shape it!

We’re introducing our Early Access Beta Program, where members have direct access to our product team. Share your suggestions and we’ll work to build your needs into the platform.

In return, you’ll get 12 months free access to the Tidal Platform, with dedicated support and recurring touch points with the team.

Participation is limited, so if this sounds valuable, please apply by sending a message to beta@tidalcloud.com


That’s us for April, and if you’ve had a good time with us, let us know by sharing with the links below.

And if you missed us last month, catch up on our March Newsletter.

Bring on those May flowers!