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March 2021 Newsletter, Tidal

Tidal feature releases and announcements in the March 2021 newsletter.

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March 2021 Newsletter, Tidal

I do believe it’s officially springtime, and that might just mean releasing your browser from dark mode.



We’re looking for some! If you like what we’ve been doing and want to dive into something new and evolving, we want you on our team.

See if you might be a good fit for one of our 3 roles as our newest “Hacker.”

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On the horizon we’ve got our next All-Virtual Migration Enablement Workshop kicking off Tuesday, May 4th, 2021. Register now and join us from home while our own David Colebatch walks you through the first 3 phases of the cloud migration process.

You can also sign up for a one-on-one if a dedicated, private workshop with our team sounds like a good time.


Trying to figure out FinOps as you move to the cloud? Our brilliant FinOps Strategy Director Shana Cunha does an awesome job walking you through successful FinOps implementation in her third edition on this topic. And if you missed her first and second editions, go ahead and get caught up!


We’re feeling good about our new Host Discovery feature with Nmap.

Flesh out the discovery phase of your migration using Nmap to scan your network and identify your hosts, IP addresses, ports and services right off the bat.

This allows you to easily reconcile your existing infrastructure inventory, or to start fresh and set up a solid foundation to build on.

Find out more about what this means from our own Mario Mejia!


  • Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky is returning to AWS to replace Andy Jassy as CEO - Guess who’s back? After crafting Tableau into a company Salesforce wanted in on, Adam Selipsky is returning to Amazon, coming equipped with Andy Jassy’s endorsement. Seems a decade (and a tenth) of AWS just wasn’t enough for Selipsky.
  • Square buys majority of Tidal, adds Jay-Z to its board in bid to shake up the artist economy - No, that’s not us! Square (and Twitter) CEO Jack Dorsey may be to thank for swinging the ownership of musicians’ handiwork back to their rightful hands. And who’s going to be keeping an eye on them? Some guy named Jay-Z.
  • AWS reorganizes DeepRacer League to encourage more newbies - Machine Learning programmers, start your engines. AWS’s efforts to teach this very-in-demand capability alienated some newcomers a bit when they went from coding remote control cars to race IRL to an online-only version. Well, they’ve now introduced the Open League, so you can get in at the ground floor no matter your level. Back to first principles!
  • How clean is cloud computing? New data reveals how green Google’s data centers really are - Click-baity title aside, here’s a map visualizing the percentage of carbon-free power in Google’s data centres around the world, measured in CFE% (carbon-free energy percentage). Turns out, of 16 measured, 10 are doing pretty darn well at over 50%. Bonus: take a look at some cities slated for future Google data centres. Here’s lookin at you, Toronto!
  • Global edge computing infrastructure market to be $800 billion by 2028 - Looks like the Internet of Things (IoT) is setting precedents. The pandemic has thrust edge computing into the spotlight, with data centres not quite cutting it in provisioning for all the little “nodes” of the edge needed to make work-from-home orders possible. Powering all the individual universes of devices is forcing companies to invest in edge computing for this new world.
  • ServiceNow takes RPA plunge by acquiring India-based startup Intellibot - Maybe your IT team will finally get a bit of a breather now that ServiceNow is going robotic. Having Intellibot on their team means the IT service management company will be able to automate more workflows so the human element can be directed to where it’s needed most.
  • Okta acquires cloud identity startup Auth0 for $6.5B - For the true meaning of secure sign-in, leading independent identity provider Okta will be showing up for customers through newly acquired Auth0, which helps developers embed identity management into applications. This lets previously workforce-centred Okta expand their use cases directly to customers.

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