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June 2021 Newsletter, Tidal

Tidal feature releases and announcements in the June 2021 newsletter

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June 2021 Newsletter, Tidal

And it’s officially summer. We’re feeling…dare we say…hopeful? But if you’re still not sold on the whole outdoors thing, keep that door closed and live vicariously through us at Tidal instead.



We’ve had some amazing team members join in the past few months, and our team is still growing! If you like our stuff and want to dive into something new and evolving, we want you with us.

Think deeply - are you our next “Migration Hacker”?


Our next All-Virtual Migration Enablement Workshop is set for Tuesday, July 13th, 2021!

Register now for our summer session and join us from home while our own David Colebatch walks you through the end-to-end cloud migration process.

Looking to empower your Cloud Centre of Excellence? Sign up for a dedicated, private workshop and power up your migration factory!


Our Petr Razumov is at it again with his latest article on Multi-CPU architecture container images on Docker. Learn more about how we got our app up-and-running on M1 Apple Silicon in his 2-part series.


People are becoming fans of our Cloud Calculator, and honestly we’re blushing a bit.

If you’re still dealing with some skepticism about moving to the cloud, here’s your one-stop-shop for building a quick and clear migration business case, highlighting savings that are bound to tip anyone on the fence.


  • Cloudera to go private as KKR & CD&R grab it for $5.3B - Back when Hadoop was top banana in the data storage space, Cloudera was flying high, but in 2021, movers to the cloud are looking for more automation. This data analytics company was no fool - they see going private as a way to fund their evolution.
  • Getting Started with Amazon ECS Anywhere – Now Generally Available - Still have to run applications on-prem? AWS is now making it easier to manage with its new version of ECS (Elastic Container Service), which allows you to use the same container orchestration software you’d use remotely. Your on-prem applications just got leaner!
  • Oracle pledges to power global operations with 100% renewable energy - Mega enterprise software provider Oracle is talking a pretty big game, projecting 100% renewable energy in all their facilities by 2025. They’ve already gotten a head start with all their European Cloud regions currently running this way.
  • Salesforce, AWS announce extended partnership with further two-way integration - Salesforce, meet AWS. AWS, Salesforce. Building on their existing partnership, developers building with both will now be able to access data from either platform and have that appear as if native in both cases. This should open up a whole new world of ease of development.
  • Google announces the Firmina subsea cable between the US and Argentina - South America is about to get more connected. Google’s newest subsea cable project vows to improve access to its cloud services in a region that, at present, boasts only one Google data centre over in Chile. Expect a faster, smoother experience, developers!
  • Google opens Workspace to everyone - Heard about this one? Here’s everything you need to know about Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) with all the new bells and whistles, now open to everyone - minus the price tag. The idea was to enhance integration for a more seamless working experience across Gmail, Docs, etc. Rumour has it their “Spaces” is a ringer for Slack…

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