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November 2020 Newsletter, Tidal

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November 2020 Newsletter, Tidal

With one month to go in 2020, we thought pandemic parenting might benefit from a little sage wisdom from A Cloud Guru, who understands that even if your kids can’t find the words, sometimes all they need is a little push.



We’ve got some excellent news this month, in that Tidal is now an official Google Cloud Technology Partner, meaning you can now access Tidal tools directly from the Google Cloud marketplace! Making the move to Google Cloud yourself? We’re right there with you every step of the way.


We’re also truly honoured to be the first solution highlighted in the AWS Marketplace migration planning category! We will now be discoverable right from AWS for all your migration needs. Don’t worry, we won’t get a big head about it!


We’re thrilled to welcome our newest team member Shana Cunha, who has taken on the crucial role of Director of FinOps Strategy at Tidal. Great to have you aboard Shana!


Looking to up your education game this winter? Our next All-Virtual Migration Enablement Workshop is slated for January 19, 2021. Register now and join us from home while our own David Colebatch walks you through the first 3 phases of the cloud migration process.

Can’t wait? You can sign up for a one-on-one if you like the sounds of a dedicated, private workshop, with our team.


“You often mention that we’re assessing applications with a transformative migration in mind. What does that mean…is it even a real word? - Miguel, Canada

Well Miguel, for the second question, it is a word indeed! The essence of the definition is about “causing or able to cause an important and lasting change in someone or something.” This has a double meaning for us here at Tidal.

When talking about moving to the cloud, what we’re really embracing is either rewriting applications to leverage cloud-native services, or using platform services like a database-as-a-service. (see my thoughts on this in our October newsletter).

Secondly, organizations of all shapes and sizes are talking about Digital Transformation, or more accurately, Business transformation while leveraging digital assets. Cloud strategy is an important component in companies becoming more responsive to end-user needs, and developing the custom software that supports these needs.

So to summarize, a transformative migration unlocks the true benefits of the cloud such as application development velocity, security, elasticity and paying only for what you use. By executing a transformative migration, you are in fact supporting the transformation goals of the entire business.

Keep those questions coming!



  • Presenting, re:Quinnvent - Starting tomorrow, AWS is kicking off its newly-online re:Invent conference, and if you want a hot tip, check out Corey Quinn’s coverage from Last Week in AWS. For those who like their news through a filter of wisdom and hilarity.
  • Salesforce is in talks to buy Slack, deal could be announced next week - If re:Invent weren’t enough excitement, enterprise client-tracking giant Salesforce might become real good friends with Slack as of next week. The tech industry says, you’re welcome.
  • Summary of the Amazon Kinesis Event in the Northern Virginia Region - AWS had a bit of a rough go with an outage this week that hit big customers like Roku, Adobe, and Flickr as they were trying to add a bit more capacity. They’re now back in action, but fun fact, all the apps and services on AWS that were multi-region weren’t affected. Incentive to expand, anyone?
  • Moving BBC Online to the cloud - The world’s oldest broadcaster is taking its website to the cloud, and their principles in doing so are sevenfold. Keep an eye on how this progresses, BBC Online being a website that gets in front of half the population of the UK every week.
  • Alibaba passes IBM in cloud infrastructure market with over $2B in revenue - For those who remember last month’s newsletter, it looks like Forrester’s 2021 forecast was right on target as Alibaba outran IBM in revenues, despite only entering the market in 2015. Look out Big 3…

That’s all for November 2020. If you’ve had a good time with us this newsletter, let us know by sharing on social media (links below) and keep your friends up to date.

And in case you missed it, check out our October newsletter.

Stay united and see you in December! TiTidal -Tidal