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November 2019 Newsletter, Tidal

Tidal feature releases and announcements in the November 2019 newsletter.

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November 2019 Newsletter, Tidal

It’s been a thankful month under the wave here at ksgiving approaching you better believe we’ll be gearing up (literally) on Cyber Monday!

AWS re:Invent Next Week

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An easy way to get all your ducks in a row? Tidal Analyze grabs all the applications across all networks and centralizes everything on our platform, giving you a birds-eye view of the contents of your cloud migration.


If you’re looking to access our past webinars, they’re also available on demand after you register. Topics include: ingesting your application portfolio and source code analysis.


Microsoft pegs Australian Azure prices to US dollar - Yikes. Microsoft will no longer maintain set-currency price lists (like the rest of the market does).

IBM walking away from single cloud focus deserves ‘huge respect’ says Red Hat - Ayman Antoun, president of IBM Canada, and Claude Reeves of Red Hat discuss the real meaning(s) of “open source.”

Bring Your Own IP addresses: the secret to Bitly’s shortened cloud migration - Google Cloud takes the thorn out of your side in transferring to new IP addresses during your cloud migration - bring your own over! For Bitly, that added up to lower network infrastructure costs and an accelerated migration time frame. Hot dog.

Azure Functions integration with Azure Monitor Logs is now in public preview - Azure’s built-in monitor service keep all your logs in one place - might as well be a lumberjack!

How to avoid the trap of ‘doing agile’ without ‘being agile’ in an IT organization - Pascal Hoffman published a post in 2018 on how to be agile and not fool yourself by doing agile ceremonies. Read this if you too are applying agile to your cloud migration projects! Here’s a snippet: “A full-time scrum master would relentlessly work to remove impediments, not just facilitate the ceremonies. Priorities would be business driven, not tech driven, and would be based on maximizing user value, not minimizing time to develop.” We like what we hear.

6 steps for planning a cloud strategy - Elias Khnaser, Research VP of Gartner for Technical Professionals, brings us up to speed on how central cloud migration has become - 40 percent of organizations in North America are dedicating most of their funding to it! How does yours measure up?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 Released with Live Kernel Patching - Hybrids aren’t just for cars anymore - Red Hat has designed their new Enterprise Linux to be “this bedrock for enterprise computing’s future” in the hybrid cloud. What’s more, Live Kernel Patching lets administrators patch security vulnerabilities with no reboots - more uptime? Yes please.

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