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May 2019 Newsletter, Tidal

Tidal feature releases and announcements in the May 2019 newsletter.

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May 2019 Newsletter, Tidal

May has been a maternal month under the wave here at and in the cloud community at large; check it out!

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  • Ability to Track Organizational Goals - This feature helps you consider where you want your focus to be, what cloud vendors you’re looking to utilize, and who in your organization is meant to champion your efforts.

  • Easier to Run in Offline Mode - Use the commands tidal backup and tidal restore to easily get configured and set up with internet access and then move to a completely air-gapped machine to continue where you had left off.

  • Ability to set Inter-App Dependencies - We have added the ability for you to define inter-app dependencies in the application assessment view.

  • Analyze Multiple Databases Faster - Migration assessment can now complete multiple assessments in parallel, significantly reducing the time you have to go grab a coffee.

  • Improved Dependency Tree Visualization - Our new visualization is now able to show you all of the apps, servers, and databases that are dependent on each other.

See the changelog for more updates and keep those product ideas and feedback coming at info@tidalcloud.com.