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March 2019 Newsletter, Tidal

Tidal Migrations feature releases and announcements in the March 2019 newsletter.

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March 2019 Newsletter, Tidal

March has been a mild month under the wave here at arge; check it out!


  • Application Migration Recommendations - We’ve added a section to our application assessment PDF that recommends high-priority applications, using multiple factors such as migration difficulty and business value.

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    Read more at: https://tidalcloud.com/solutions/cloud-migration/

  • Technology Versions - You can now see which versions of a technology are running across your portfolio by visiting the technologies page.

  • Improved Dashboard Tiles - You can add tiles to your dashboard that show you the total number of apps, database instances, or servers that you have. Simply create a new tile, give it a name, make sure no tags are added, and click the save button.

See the changelog for more updates and keep those product ideas and feedback coming at info@tidalcloud.com.


  • A few of you have asked where to access our past webinars. They’re here and available on demand after you register.


  • Red Hat Annual Microservices, Containers, APIs and Integration Day - Join Red Hat, your peers, and IT industry leaders in discussing new development technologies and integration solutions. Confirmed events taking place in Montreal on April 9th and in Toronto on April 11th.


  • Layering Discovery Techniques - This six step guide is a brief introduction to the various migration discovery techniques and how to layer them together to quickly and accurately discover your environment.
  • Microsoft Beat Amazon to open the first cloud data centre in Africa - Microsoft has become the first major cloud provider to open a data center in South Africa. It’s hoped that the arrival of reliable cloud services will help boost the country’s economic opportunities.
  • Security Overview of AWS Lambda - This whitepaper presents a deep dive of the AWS Lambda service through a security lens. It provides a well-rounded picture of the service, which can be useful for new adopters, as well as deepening understanding of AWS Lambda for current users.
  • Driving Feature Velocity through Cultural Change: Why DevOps puts Mindset before Technology - It’s not enough for companies to hire a few DevOps engineers and containerize their applications. DevOps pipelines will not work unless supported by cultural change. As the old saying goes: “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
  • March 14th Marked AWS’s 13th Birthday - in its first 13 years of life, the platform has grown to incredible sizes, with a notable benchmark being a scaling of 700 gigabytes per second. We can’t wait to see what AWS impresses us with next year on its champagne birthday.
  • Lyft is Paying Close to $100M per Year to AWS - paying almost $0.14 in AWS per ride, it might seem like Lyft could cut costs by building their own Data Centre. Hemant Mohapatra explains why that’s likely not the case given the construction costs, construction time, continued maintenance, etc.

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