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August 2019 Newsletter, Tidal

Tidal feature releases and announcements in the August 2019 newsletter.

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August 2019 Newsletter, Tidal

August has been a hazy month under the wave here at d community at large; check it out!


Recommended Migration Order:

  • Reports might just be the bane of your existence, but clients and stakeholders need those deliverables. With the one-click application assessment generator you’ll be breathing a little easier, but with the new Recommended Migration Order feature, you’ll be able to target that low-hanging fruit just as easily.

See the changelog for more updates and keep those product ideas and feedback coming at info@tidalcloud.com.


  • Keep your eyes and ears open for the next Migration Enablement Workshop this September in Toronto. If you’re interested in becoming a cloud migration ninja, send us a note at info@tidalcloud.com and include WORKSHOP in your subject line - you can see what we did at the May workshop.


  • If you’re looking to access our past webinars, they’re also available on demand after you register.


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And in case you missed it, check out our July newsletter.

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